Shooting with Valencia – From worst to best shoot in an instant

This was one of the most interesting shoots I’ve had in awhile. I had reached out to Valencia a few weeks prior and was glad to see she was up for a session. Little did we know that on the day of the shoot it would be pouring rain.

Well actually we did know, we live in Vancouver so if you’re ever surprised at rain living in this city I feel sorry for you son.

Anyway it’s pouring rain and I’m thinking, “yeah she’s probably not going to be down for this.” But lo and behold she was. Okay so I’m thinking I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off with the weather and I’ll be honest I was feeling pretty discouraged and uninspired, which is the exact opposite of how anyone who is about to do something creative wants to feel. But then she arrives and immediately I knew we would be okay. She had an energy, joy and patience which I had never seen from a model before and she immediately elevated the session to a level I was not prepared for. Big ups to Valencia!





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